An Olympic Birthday

I suppose it’s been a fair while since I’ve written a proper update on here, so that means this post is long overdue. However considering the content, I was also waiting so I could safely post it up here without spoiling the surprise.

Over the past few months it’s been one long journey from finishing my final exam at university. Firstly because I started working in as part-time waitress before my exams were over, and more importantly, because I was rehearsing for the London Olympics opening ceremony. This is the result:

Me in my costume in front of the stadium
Me in my costume in front of the stadium.

Apart from being completely unrecognisable to my family in my finery which would be best simply described as extreme 60’s bling, I was quite disappointed to find that I hadn’t made it into any of the camera shots. I mean, look at it. To call it eye-catching would be an understatement. Regardless, I noticed none of the girls wearing this costume really got a camera shot, which is a shame. However generally speaking it was an awesome experience and everyone in the ceremony pulled off the whole thing beautifully.

60's dancers in the peace sign
I am somewhere on the left curve of this peace sign… somewhere.

Now it’s time for another picture of me looking annoyingly cute in my costume:

Me looking annoyingly cute in my 60's costume.
Me looking annoyingly cute in my 60’s costume.

After the opening ceremony was over, I had to either vacate the park to Leyton station or get caught inside whilst the firework exclusion area was in effect. After saying my final farewells I promptly took the tube to Covent Garden where a couple of friends were working nearby. Since we’d only been told that day that we were allowed to take our mirror dress costumes home, I decided to make the executive decision of wearing it rather than carrying it home. Not one of my best ideas considering I felt a bit claustrophobic wearing it on a busy central line train, and I did get more than a few strange looks whilst waiting around on the platform (as well being called Lady Gaga). On the other hand, there were some nice people who asked for pictures once they’d figured out I was a ceremony performer. Then in contrast there was the man who saw me as I came out of Covent Garden station and touched my dress asking me, “How much?”

I sincerely hope he was asking about the price of the dress (which isn’t on sale by the way. I might change my mind in a few years’ time, but for now I’m entertaining the idea of insisting on partying in it on my 70th birthday when everyone has written me off as old and mad).

Speaking of birthdays, just over a week after the opening ceremony it was time for me to turn twenty-two.

My birthday cake
Yummy red velvet birthday cake.
Disclaimer: Wenlock does not officially endorse my birthday.

This is the basic summary of my July: I moved house, graduated, quit my job, performed in the opening ceremony and turned twenty-two. I have to say, it was a bit of a shock. Where did my hectic schedule go? I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. Nowadays I spend a lot of my time job searching or doing my online web design course. One day I’ll have improved my pleb internet skills enough to make Magpie Mind look a bit more individual and pretty. I’m just about tackling the basics of html for now.


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