The tale of the unexpected haircut, amongst other things.

As the title suggests, I did recently get a haircut. It was one of those haircuts which was gloriously free of cost and actually in a nice salon, only made possible by the fact that I was volunteering to allow an apprentice practice on my hair. So, knowing that it was supposed to be a one-length cut, I went along and cut the long hair I’d managed to grow back from last year’s bad hair cut. The result has received positive reviews, but I guess I’m still not used to it. I tried to take a relatively nice picture to post, and this was what I ended up with:

My new haircut...
Don’t stare into those demonic eyes for too long. She will eat your soul.

With hair this short, I suppose I’m not feeling quite like myself. In fact, today I felt completely out of sorts, since adding in a lovely subungual haematoma on my big toe from an incident of something heavy being dropped on it, I’m not quite sure who this short-haired limping girl is. I also realised that with the advent of entering the job world, I’d also have to do grown up things like paying taxes and – *gasp* – start paying back my student loan. I now feel like my life stretching out in front of me like one long chain of work days. Cue mildly concerned expression:

Me looking mildly concerned.
In sepia! :D

The truth is, I’m actually quite excited to be starting my new job. It’s just that there are certain things I thought I would have put more effort into by now, mostly in regards to what I post up on this website. I suppose the point is that I’ll just have to stop spending the majority of my day feeling sorry for myself and watching ‘The X-files’. Soon my days will have more structure than watching Mulder and Scully for 2 hours a day and then wondering if I can squeeze in another episode before it becomes an addiction (Answer: It can’t become an addiction if it already is one). With all this time on my hands, surely I would have accomplished more than when I was rushed off my feet with things to do. But no.

Someone once told me, “the busier you are, the more you get done”. Surprisingly, he was actually referencing me as the busy person who manages to get a lot done, but that was me up to about a month ago. I’m looking forward to being that person again. Speaking of which, a tiny step towards that was finally posting up videos of myself covering my favourite songs. There’s only one so far, but there’s more to come! Go and watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. :)


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