Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I hope the holidays haven’t been too stressful for everyone.

For 2013 I have a few things in the works:

  • More covers! It’s a bit difficult because I’m limited to recording when I have the house to myself, but I’ll try and post up another one soon.
  • More gigs! It’s been quiet over Christmas, but I’m hoping there will be plenty of new opportunities in the new year.
  • “Let’s Play” videos! I actually tried recording one today, but due to a few technical malfunctions here and there, I spent an hour recording something with crap sound and a frozen screen image. I’ll probably give it another go over the next few days.
  • More random projects and articles! I have a few ideas that will make their appearance throughout the year, such as the ‘This is Not a Book’ project that will start from tomorrow.

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