Eurogamer 2013 at a Glance

Outside the Earls Court exhibition centre

So about a week ago I made my way over to the Eurogamer Expo, which is apparently the largest games related expo in the UK. Despite exploring everything for seven hours, I still feel like I only managed to scratch the surface of everything that was available! Here’s a small summary of what I managed to get reasonable photos of on the day:

Looks like some titles will be remastered for HD

Windwaker Remastered

Windwaker Remastered

Some odd gadgets

For some reason I can't see myself having one of these in my living room any time soon.
For some reason I can’t see myself having one of these in my living room any time soon.
Wolfenstein on piano!
Wolfenstein on piano!

I also got the chance to try out a couple of games where there wasn’t a long wait:


This one seems like an interesting game focusing on hiding and evasion. As a young boy who wakes up in a world where you’re suddenly invisible, you run off into the night trying to rescue a girl – also invisible – from strange invisible monsters. However in this world where it seems to be constantly raining, each of you becomes instantly visible under the downpour. In the demo it seemed like it could lead to some interesting puzzles later on, but I felt like it was also in danger of becoming a repetitive dance of ducking in and out of the rain to avoid the monsters that stalk the streets.

Assassin’s Creed IV

I have to admit that I’m completely unfamiliar with this series, but I feel like this shouldn’t deter anyone from trying out their fourth instalment. It seems that the focus is on seafaring; in the brief time I had with the demo, I commandeered a ship through some scary-looking stormy waves, saved some people from drowning and added them to my crew, went deep sea diving for treasure inside a shipwreck and nearly got into a fight with a shark in the process. I’ve definitely got my eye on this one.


Admittedly there wasn’t a demo I could get my hands here, but an interesting trailer nonetheless. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, it seems that you gain control of a character whose job is (unsurprisingly) to fight aliens. The big draw for this one seems to be that the in-game world will have random unplanned events, which can also offer the opportunity for cooperative multiplayer game play for those on the same server with a more sophisticated “matchmaking system”. It seems like it will be an interesting one to watch out for, especially as it very obviously bears the mark of those who also have worked on Halo, but I’m not a big fan of online co-op and that seems to be a big part of what this game can offer.

Apparently you get to fight against this friendly looking guy and his crew.
Apparently you get to fight against this friendly looking guy and his crew.

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