Eurovision Roundup Part 2

It has now been exactly a week since the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, so I thought I’d finish up my summary for this year! Here’s a selection of the songs that I didn’t find so appealing:

Eurovision 2014 Bottom Three!

3. Montenegro, “Moj Svijet”

I remember about this time last year I was frantically phoning in to vote for Montenegro’s rapping astronauts to get through to the finals. This year I just cringed at the what seemed to be another entry to queue behind the slew of ballads that appear at Eurovision. The song is reasonably listenable despite it sounding like it’s been ripped from the soundtrack of James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’, and is also quite entertaining for watching the figure skater in the background who essentially looks like Tinkerbell rollerblading on a giant iPad.


2. San Marino, “Maybe”

For it’s first foray in finals, San Marino sounds quite unsure of itself with ‘Maybe’. I was disappointed with this entry because I felt there were more deserving acts that should have gotten through, and San Marino just didn’t sound like a winner with its TV novella theme song sound. Would you have done better with a more interesting song in the finals San Marino? “Maybe”. Winners are more decisive, San Marino.


1. Denmark, “Cliche Love Song”

I actually find this one so annoying that even the intro offends me. I suppose that as the host, Denmark probably didn’t feel the need to make a special effort as it is unlikely for the host country to win the ESC. Yet the punishment of this song was unnecessary.  With its cutesy, Bruno Mars tribute/rip off on steroids, this is probably the song dislike the most from ESC 2014.


Special Mentions for Ones That Didn’t Quite Make It

Lativia, “Cake to Bake”

The first song to be performed in the semi-finals this year, I was particularly endeared to a song about cakes with a random mention of unicorns. With plenty of potential to become a good song for sing-alongs, I was especially disappointed when Latvia didn’t get through to the finals.


Georgia, “Three Minutes to Earth”

This glorious entry from Georgia brings one question to mind, “Were they high when they wrote this?” It sounds like several songs rolled into one, and the performance includes a very expressive man standing on a drum with a parachute, not to mention the lady in green with the flower painted on her face. After the results of the semi-final, it was a bit sad seeing the dejected looks on their faces in comparison to their jolly performance.


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