Are You Winning Or Losing The Race To Fluency?

When the various so-called success stories on the internet get me down, I’m actually glad to see someone saying this!

Language Boat

Finish Line (Photo credit: jayneandd)

Have you ever noticed how in the virtual world of blogging and social media, everyone seems to have a picture perfect life? Polyglots that can become fluent in a language in just three months! Others that are fluent (and literate) in Chinese after only a year of study!

“Wow, I must be dumb,” I think to myself as I navigate away from these folks to whom I can’t hold a candle, hanging my head in shame.

This feeling of not measuring up, of not learning fast enough, has the nasty side effect of souring my mood as I ride yet another wave of despondency.

I’ve been falling into that lethal language learning trap of comparison again lately.

When did language learning turn into some weird competitive race, with speed being that which sorts the losers from the winners?

Whenever I’m asked how long have I studied Chinese…

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