Bicycle, Bicycle

As the days wander on into mid-September, I definitely feel like it’s no longer summer in Shanghai. When I first arrived it was scorching, and being my British self, felt like I was in a frying pan and proceeded to wear as little as acceptably possible. Now I don’t need to feel homesick for British weather, because the weather over the past couple of days has miserably morphed into endless rain. Nothing new there.

I’ve noticed that the preferred mode of transport around campus most certainly seems to be by bicycle. Many of my classmates have already gone and got themselves a shiny new(ish) bike, and then suddenly found themselves trying to contend with the weather by learning how to ride the Chinese way when it rains – one hand steering and one hand holding an umbrella. Considering that you also have to navigate the rest of the on-campus traffic at the same time, this is actually quite a feat of co-ordination. Another feat of balance and co-ordination involving bikes is having a passenger sit “side-saddle” at the back of the bike. Being the only one without a bicycle, some classmates and I tried to attempt it for greater convenience. Unfortunately the bike would always keel over to one side whenever we tried to set off after I sat down. After a few attempts, I think my bum is broken enough to not want to try it again. Perhaps I should get my own bike.


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