This is a project I originally started for the urban legends competition at Film Fights. Due to time constraints and whatnot I didn’t get started until long after the competition was over, but the idea still remained.

Production Diary:

08/04/2013 – ‘4’ is now finished and available to watch on Youtube!

07/04/2013 – I’ve finally decided to face the music and pieced together the rest of the footage! Now with all the visual editing done, let the sound editing begin.

27/05 – Unfortunately due to exams and one of the cast leaving the country, we are unable to officially finish ‘4’. I will try to work with what we’ve got to create something finished and functional.

23/02 – The camera I used is fairly snazzy for its price, but not snazzy enough to pull of a couple of the shots we tried. This means we’re going to have to re-do a couple of scenes, yet on the other hand we’ve come up with a few new creative things to try near the end of the short.

11/02 – We’ve finally finished filming! I’m not sure how long it will take to edit, but we’re waiting on a musical contribution which might delay it a little bit.

30/01/2012 – After a long hiatus, we’ve finally started! Managed to get the beginning shot, filming shall resume again on the 5th of Feb. Here are the stars of this short film (minus the guy who plays the ghost):

16/11 – Shotgun mic purchased, filming should begin next week!

13/11 – Second draft of the script finished.

29/10 – The submission deadline on Film Fights has been pushed back to the 5th of December.

24/10 – The first draft of the script has been finished and a screen test done.

11/10/2011 – Script finished.


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